These services supply financial and accounting information to the company administration on decision-

and it will include:

Preparation of the company accounting according to generally accepted Accounting Principles; this duty will include:

1. Analysis of the current accounts plan in order to adapt it to the real information needs of your administration

2. Computational Accounting (authorized by the Internal RevenueService (“S.I.I.”)

3. Analysis of the most relevant business accounts

4. Preparation of Financial Statements (General Balance Sheet, Income Statement)

5. Issuance of the official accounting registries required by the S.I.I. *

*(Cash Book, Ledger, Inventory Book and Balances, Subsidiary Remuneration Ledger, Withholdings Book and Tax Earnings Book (“FUT”).

Monthly preparation of the information listed below:

1. General Balance Sheet

2. Income Statement

3. Executive Management Report, including analysis of trends and evolution of the main accounts.

4. Analysis of expenses changes according to budget versus actual expenses.

5. Monthly report to the Head Office (via Internet and fax)

6. Summary of Expenses by Cost Centers *

*(e.g. Laboratory, Production, Administration and others that could be de defined). This is an extremely useful tool for allocating expense budgets by Departments or Cost Centers and their subsequent control.)

All the above mentioned detailed reports in addition to other special or clarification reports can be issued in the English language upon request from the client.


1. Tax Planning.

2. Preparation of monthly tax statement forms, VAT and Single Tax (Form 29).

3. Preparation of yearly income tax statement (Form 22).

4. Issuance of affidavits and yearly withholding and other certificates.

5. Stamping of books and tax documents by S.I.I.

6. Processing of modification and/or expansion of the line of business.

7. Determination of Taxable Equity for Municipal Patents effects.

Administrative representation of companies before Control Agencies:

1. Internal Revenue Service.

2. General Treasury of the Republic.

3. Central Bank of Chile and others.


1. Preparation of Work Contracts and Final Settlements.

2. Preparation of monthly salary settlements.

3. Preparation and payment of Social Security Payrolls.

4. Year Certificates for submission to the S.I.I.

5. Remuneration Book.

6. Processing of Medical Licenses.

Representation at labor agencies, such as “Inspección del Trabajo” (Labor Inspection Bureau), “Caja de

Compensación” (private agency that makes different payments to employees and workers, etc.)


1. Preparation of monthly Cash Flow

2. Preparation of weekly statement of payment to suppliers

3. Preparation jointly with the client of expense budgets for the diverse Cost Centers defined by the company and a subsequent analysis of the monthly variations.

1. Control of expense rendering

2. Control of Bank Current Accounts

3. Issuance of checks and payment orders

4. Remittance of information and reports to the Central Bank of Chile

5. Arrangements before the national Customs Service (tariffs administration)

6. Preparation of other reports required by the Chilean authorities or requested by the Head Office.


Access via Internet from EVERYWHERE to your local offices using our SOFTLAND Windows accounting programs in order to obtain on-line information, such as balances, income statements, bank balances, inventories, invoicing, clients and suppliers current accounts ordered by “RUT” (Tax Registration Number) or maturity date.

To these effects, the communication programs in client designated equipment will be installed for access to the SOFTLAND “Accounting and Budgets” and “Inventory and Invoicing Control” programs.

The above detailed programs will be delivered fully parameterized and ready for use.

Training will be imparted to the persons who require command for use this system.

The system will permit to issue on-line invoices, the automatic inventory reduction and accounts receivable charges.

The entry of Suppliers related data will be performed in the accounting systems at least twice a week.

This will permit the client to have always at hand the analyses of main accounts, such as banks, suppliers, salary advances and any others included in the accounting system according to parameters with the analysis attributes by RUT and maturity date.

Preparation of the Yearly Balance Sheet, Income Statement and tax declaration, which should be submitted to the :

S.I.I. (I.R.S) in April of each year.

All the above described services will be coordinated from our office by a specially assigned professional employee under our supervision.